About NDMC

New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) is the municipal council of the city of New Delhi, India, and the area under its administration is referred to as the NDMC area. NDMC, covering an area of 43.7 km2, is governed by a council with a Chairperson appointed by the Central Government, and includes the Chief Minister of Delhi.

NDMC resolves to intensify its efforts in providing better civic services to the citizens and a multitude of visiting patrons from all over the country and overseas. Other objectives before NDMC are to improve quality of life provide social and community welfare amenities with public, private participation- with special emphasis on promotion of art & culture, environmental improvement, cleaning & greening campaigns to serve as a show window of "a model well-planned metropolitan city".

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About the project:

Teaching-learning process is core process of school education. Learning outcomes of students are used as yardstick for judging quality of school education. Though there may be various factors affecting the learning outcomes of students, teaching is reported in a host of studies as one important independent variable contributing significantly in achievement of students in curricular areas.

New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC), in alignment with its mandate, is a responsible government body and is always ready to take important steps for making substantial improvement in the quality of its schools. NDMC has planned to make intervention in the teaching-learning process of its schools so that schools can actively contribute in the betterment of their beneficiaries.


42 Schools
56 Principal, VPs, HMs
78 Teachers
578 Students